You’re Da Bomb! Chocolate Bomb, That Is

Chocolate Bombs ready to package

Chocolate Bombs are all the rage for holiday gift giving and I wanted to do something different for Valentine’s Day. Once you assemble the ingredients and equipment, these are actually relatively easy. There are plenty of instructions on the internet on making chocolate bombs.Being the purist that I am, I suggest using a high grade couverture chocolate instead of chocolate coating.Here is the link I used here. No need to re-invent the wheel.

I used Nestle’s White Chocolate Chips for the topping. Just melt them and place in a plastic decorators bag and cut off the tip end. After piping a swirl of chocolate, sprinkle with Valentine Sprinkles followed with a pinch of Disco Dust for bling. I noticed on a couple of the bombs the seams were not sealed so I piped a line of white chocolate to seal them. No need for perfection, they will look great and the recipient will love them..

Chocolate Bombs were placed in a clear bag and tied with a ribbon.

I printed a round tag with instructions and cut out with a 2 inch scalloped punch. There are plenty of free tags online or you could make your own.

The birdhouse was uploaded from Canvasworkspace and printed with my Scanncut. This step is totally unnecessary, but I wanted a box for the extra protection in mailing.

A tag for the Chocolate Bomb was a bird template from Scanncut
All the bird houses with chocolate bombs inside and ready to mail!

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