Deciding what size of garden to plant.

As a young couple, we started planting a garden with the help of James’ parents. We knew little about planting a garden even though both of us grew up with family gardens. But they had gardens as a family living. James’ mother would say how much her back hurt when she saw cotton growing and how her hands were cut from the cotton bolls. James’ father always felt at home at our place, as we lived on his home place where they farmed tomatoes for a living and had a family garden. Once I asked him why we always had a big garden ( more than we could eat). He replied, “ Well you gotta have enough for the coons and deer too.” He was always right, the deer, coons and squirrels have always been a problem in the gardens. So plant a big garden. If you don’t have an animal problem then you will have plenty to give to neighbors and family. Do plant a garden even if it’s small. It will be your sanctuary during home time with coronavirus.

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