My Cookbooks- The Prudhomme Family Cookbook

I heard Chef Paul speak at the Texas Restaurant Association many years ago. He talked about windows of flavor and how we develop them by browning and de-glazing. And this is done one ingredient at a time, not dumped in together (like my students always wanted to to). If you look at his recipe for Shrimp and Okra Gumbo, flavor is developed by making a stock, developing a roux with vegetables, cooking down okra, tomatoes and onions; de-glazing, cooking some more and de-glazing again and then once added all together, cooking for 40 minutes. And this is how you develop flavor. It changed my way of cooking forever.

I am so glad he lost a lot of weight and wrote a book on low-fat cooking. Chef Paul passed away last year and I will be ever grateful for his influence and all his wonderful Magic Seasonings and recipes. Rest in peace, Chef Paul.

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