How Texans feel about Bluebell Ice Cream

It was a sad day when a health problem forced Bluebell to shut down. So about the time we heard rumors of them starting to produce again, my sister Jeanell and I headed to Brenham, home of Bluebell. Coming to the loop at Brenham we saw two Bluebell trucks and almost hi jacked them. But the Southern Bells we were kept us from embarrassing each other and we went on our way to antiquing and lunch.

It was time to head home but not before checking on the Bluebell at the local HEB Store. They had it! A whole wall of it! And now to get it home over two hours away. They had dry ice and a Styrofoam ice chest. No, the freezer was out. Wait, I remember if an ice chest was packed full, lid on and then duck tape closed, it would keep without ice. No problem buying enough to fill an ice chest. A girl’s gotta do what a girl has to do. No duck tape but they had some tape in the office that would do.

All the while, the little teenage checker was involved in our challenge, helping us get everything together and packed when she calmly asked us,”Can’t y’all get ice cream in Lufkin?”🙀What?!!! Surely she knew there hasn’t been Bluebell anywhere for months. I’ll just forgive her youth.

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